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Enhance your lips with our unique dermal filler treatment.

No one will know you've had anything done.

Do you want bigger lips but hate the Fake Look?

As a woman, you're tired of seeing those unnatural, obvious lip fillers everywhere.

You want fuller lips, but you refuse to sacrifice your natural look for a fake appearance.

You deserve a solution that enhances your lips subtly and beautifully.

Traditional Lip Fillers Are Awful

You've seen it all: overfilled, unnatural, and obvious lip fillers that make people look like they've had work done.

You're not just concerned about finding a skilled practitioner – you're frustrated with a beauty industry that seems to normalise this fake look.

Enhancing your lips shouldn't mean compromising on natural beauty or looking like everyone else..

700+ Five Star Reviews

Discover the Art of Natural Lip Enhancement

Welcome to Farleigh Medical, where we challenge the norms of traditional lip fillers.

We specialise in dermal fillers that make your lips look naturally fuller without making it obvious you've had any treatment.

We understand your frustration with traditional lip fillers. Many of our clients felt the same way until they discovered our approach.

At Farleigh Medical, we prioritise your natural beauty with safe, subtle, and effective treatments that enhance your lips without them looking fake.

5,500 +

Lips Transformed

Your Path to Naturally Fuller Lips

Step 1: Consultation

Join us for a detailed consultation where we listen to your concerns and goals, explaining how our techniques can achieve natural results.

Step 2: Customised Treatment Plan
We craft a personalised plan tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes, ensuring a bespoke approach.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Lips
Wear the red lipstick, take selfies with confidence and rediscover your authentic self.


How much is 1ml?

At Farleigh Medical, we offer a flat rate of £300.00 for our Natural Lip Enhancement Service.

Whether you need 0.2ml or 1.2ml, the price is the same because our priority is achieving the perfect, natural look for you

We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals and assess your lips.

We use the precise amount of filler needed to enhance your natural beauty, tailored specifically to your unique anatomy.

Leave with fuller lips that look so natural, no one will guess you've had any treatment.

Do I get a free top-up if I want my lips a little bigger after having treatment?

We do not offer free top-ups, and there's a good reason for this.

After dermal filler is injected, it continues to expand over time as it draws in moisture from the surrounding tissue.

We carefully plan each treatment to ensure your lips look great not just immediately, but also 6-12 months down the line.

Injecting too much too soon can lead to filler migration, resulting in an unnatural and unsightly appearance.

Our goal is to enhance your lips in a way that looks natural and lasts.

How often do I need to treat my lips to maintain them?

For optimal results, we recommend two treatments in your first year to gradually build up your lips.

This approach helps minimize the risk of filler migration.

The frequency of subsequent treatments varies greatly depending on individual genetics.

Some patients enjoy long-lasting results for over 5 years, while others may need to visit us every 12-18 months to maintain their desired look.

Our goal is to tailor the treatment to your unique needs and ensure natural, beautiful results.

What is filler migration and how is it caused?

Filler migration occurs when the filler spreads beyond its original injection site. There are three main causes:

1. Filler Placement: Think of your lips as a delicate canvas. Placing filler too close to the borders is like painting outside the lines, which can cause the filler to spread where it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, many clinics still use this outdated method.

2. Using Too Much Filler: Your lips have a natural capacity. Imagine overfilling a glass of water – it spills over the edges. Similarly, exceeding your lips' natural limit with filler can cause it to migrate to unintended areas.

3. Practitioner Technique: Techniques like 'Russian Lips' may seem appealing, but they focus on packing a lot of filler into the smallest, most active parts of your lips. This is like trying to squeeze too many items into a small bag, causing them to overflow. The result is often filler spreading beyond the upper lip.

At Farleigh Medical, we prioritise careful planning and precise techniques to avoid filler migration and ensure natural, beautiful results.

Is lip filler Safe?

At Farleigh Medical, your safety is our priority.

Our lip specialist, who has treated nearly 6000 lips, uses high-quality, FDA and CE-approved fillers and follows strict safety protocols.

Our Natural Lip Enhancement Service ensures subtle, natural-looking results tailored to your unique anatomy.

Enjoy fuller lips without the worry of unnatural outcomes.

Do you offer Russian Lips?

No, we don't, and here's why.

At Farleigh Medical, we reject the Russian Lips technique because it often results in a look that's too obvious and unnatural.

We believe this approach adds to the negative stereotypes about lip fillers.

Our patients want subtle, undetectable enhancements. The common belief that fuller lips must look artificial is simply wrong.

Techniques like Russian Lips feed into this misconception, and we’re here to prove otherwise.

We focus on enhancing your natural beauty in a way that complements your features without making it obvious you’ve had any work done.

At Farleigh Medical, we stand against the trend of overdone lips and advocate for results that truly look and feel natural.


Lip Filler Migration

Lip Filler Migration

June 16, 20243 min read

Understanding Lip Filler Migration: Causes and Prevention in 2024

Lip fillers are hugely popular for adding volume and creating a youthful look. But let's cut to the chase: some practices almost guarantee lip filler migration, where the filler moves away from the intended area, resulting in an uneven or unnatural appearance. Here's the no-nonsense truth about what causes lip filler migration and how to prevent it.

What is Lip Filler Migration?

Lip filler migration happens when the filler shifts beyond the targeted area, often settling above the upper lip. This results in an unbalanced look and can occur immediately or over time.

Causes of Lip Filler Migration

1. Injection Technique

Poor injection technique is a major cause of migration. Placing the filler too superficially or in the wrong tissue plane can cause it to move. Even the best injector will struggle if using flawed techniques.

2. The Russian Technique

The Russian technique, aiming for a heart-shaped pout by injecting filler vertically, is a migration risk. It uses multiple entry points and higher filler volume in a small area. This increased pressure often pushes the filler beyond intended borders.

3. Injecting Along the Border for Definition

Injecting filler along the vermillion border (where the lips meet the skin) is another migration risk. The border isn't a closed compartment; it's dynamic and constantly moving. Fillers here can easily migrate, especially with natural lip movements like talking and eating.

4. Type of Filler Used

Not all fillers are the same. Fillers that are too fluid or lack cohesiveness are prone to migration. Use high-quality, cohesive hyaluronic acid-based fillers specifically designed for lips.

5. Volume of Filler

Overfilling the lips is a guaranteed way to cause migration. Dermal fillers are hydrophilic, meaning they attract and draw in water over time. This can cause the filler to expand and disperse. Excessive filler creates pressure, pushing it into unintended areas. Moderation is key. Start with less and add more during follow-up appointments if needed. A conservative approach yields more natural and stable results.

6. Anatomical Factors

The lips are dynamic and connected to surrounding facial tissues, not a closed compartment. Imagine a loosely tied balloon—air easily moves within and escapes under pressure. Fillers can migrate within the lips if not properly contained.

7. Post-Treatment Behavior

Post-treatment care is crucial. Activities that put pressure on the lips, like massaging, touching, or strenuous exercise, can cause filler to move. Follow aftercare instructions carefully.

8. Quality of Filler

Cheap fillers are a disaster waiting to happen. High-quality fillers integrate well with tissues, reducing migration risk. Always choose reputable brands from certified providers.

9. Patient’s Skin Elasticity and Health

Skin elasticity and overall health impact filler stability. Poor skin elasticity from aging or genetics can lead to migration. Health conditions affecting skin quality or healing can also increase risks.

Preventing Lip Filler Migration

To prevent lip filler migration, stick to these straightforward strategies:

  • Avoid Overfilling: Less is more. Start with a conservative amount and add more if needed later.

  • Avoid Risky Techniques: Skip the Russian lip technique and vermillion border injections—they’re known for causing migration.

  • Choose High-Quality Fillers: Use reputable, high-quality fillers designed for lips.

  • Follow Post-Procedure Instructions: Stick to aftercare guidelines and avoid putting pressure on your lips.

  • Select an Experienced Injector: Make sure your injector is skilled and understands facial anatomy.


Lip filler migration is preventable if you avoid overfilling, risky injection techniques, and cheap fillers. Stick to these no-nonsense tips, and you’ll achieve beautiful, lasting results. If you’re considering lip enhancement, consult a qualified professional to ensure the best outcome.

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